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He wasn't exactly his friend he was just the body guard he hired so I'm not sure what were his motives when he wrote it and how well he knew Fadi. This body guard deleted his twitter acct after the article was out, but a few days before he wrote Fadi to not listen to ppl and I don't remember what more and then Fadi hired him.

I would like Fadi to explain why he initially lied about where he was the night GM died, and also why he lied about his Twitter account being hacked.

Fadi Fawaz seems to have been a constant for the last few years, GM must have been fond of him even tho' the hookup says he told him the relationship wasn't working, it tottered on. I'm dying to know what GM's last few weeks/days were like.

We know he spent a lot of 2015 with Shady Fadi in that Swiss clinic.

This past year was he holed up in his house, getting fatter, and narrating his documentary that supposedly is coming out to accompany the reissue of "Listen Without Prejudice"?

Shady Fadi needs to spill the beans about GM's final days. As do GM's family, who might be above coming to an agreement to buy silence. All he needs to do if he's concerned about his "safety" is disappear for a while: no postings on social media, no talking to the tabloids, and no walking around desperately waiting for the paps to take his picture.

This link shows how unreliable everybody in GM's life was / is and what a mess he was himself.

The 'lover' mentioned by R4 turns out to be an internet hookup, milking the solitary meeting for all it's worth, relatives claiming concern are dismissed by a then living GM not to have met him in 25 years and he himself had a chaotic life of car crashes and peculiar incidents accompanied by a heavy drug habit.

Or is he too buy because he's still being interrogated by the police?

Also want to know who his druggie friends were.[quote]Shady Fadi needs to spill the beans about GM's final days. Ever vigilant though will be the boys in blue, seeing what Fadi has to say for himself. Poor George deserved better - but given the mess into which his life had devolved, the aftermath could never be straightforward. Unfortunately, he loves the spotlight too much to do any of this.

Even getting a bodyguard seems like a stunt trying to get some attention. His body guard went on one of George's forums (a day after he met F, but it wasn't published yet), and posted something about how ppl are mean to him. then he pm me - (His name was Carl James Warren Taylor but now his fb page is gone) his message was - "Hi id rather not share to all but hes a friend of mine. Would George go with someone thats not a lovely person?

I was there Friday night and I found him dead in bed Sunday morning'.

He never actually said he was in the house Saturday night.

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