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Hi Seniors I would deeply grateful if you could advice me on this matter: Im a middle Eastern female working in IT , moving to Canada as a new immigrant by the end of Jan2016, I was hoping to land in Vancouver and start a new life ( new job, new relationship, new friends ..) , since I Have no Canadian experience, it sounds very difficult to find a decent job, so I may have to start with general jobs ( it's not what I want but I don't wanna finish my savings) but since I started to read about new country, I read everyone complaining about high cost of living, low wages and etc!

seems people try to compare Vancouver's cost of living with US!

The Canadian government expects continued population growth in the area so you'll have no shortage of potential dating matches. Why not join Cupid Click Dating and check out what we've got to offer.

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Now the following is slightly off topic, not intended as criticism but as a heads up for you to think about in the event you will be doing interviews and sending out resumes in your job applications in Canada.

So please don't take this the wrong way as I'm trying to be helpful.

Using lazy shortened slang words may count against you and cast doubt on your education if you speak or write that way in Canada during interviews and on resumes.

If you read around on this forum and take note of the posts by Canadians you'll notice that Canadians in general are well spoken with an articulate vocabulary and practise proper use of English language.

Also there are a lot more single men in Toronto than there are in Vancouver.

I realize they are common lazy slang words used on social media and they get used a lot by teens and young adults in America and in other countries where English is learned as a second language.

However, they are not real words in the English vocabulary and they don't get used much in Canada where there is higher education and a greater appreciation and demand for using proper English.

Today, it's one of the world's most livable cities with a bustling and growing economy.

The province is still very resource based, but the same "do nothing" East and West Asians are the reason the city has growing financial, IT and engineering sectors. and see what the 8th and 9th generation Vancouverites are up to.

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