Statistics online dating site users

By March 2014, the app had generated one billion matches, 800m swipes and 10m matches per day, as well as 300 marriage proposals.5% of Australia’s population had a Tinder profile at that point.Translating these users into Tinder Plus customers will be an important next step for the company in the future.In line with the above findings, 72% of Tinder’s user base is visiting other online dating sites, with mobile phones the most important access devices at 58%, followed by PCs (54%) and tablets (35%).Tinder has 38% of female users and 62% of male users with more than half of them being single (54%).

More than 93% of UK residents in that age range have never been married, according to the UK’s office of National Statistics.

It uses Facebook basic data to analyse users and recommends compatible partners based on geographic location and common interests.

Swiping right, the app enables users to like another user anonymously or pass on them by swiping left.

In other words: This is the best I can find, but I don’t guarantee anything.

Dating app Tinder was launched in September 2012 across a row of college campuses.

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