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Based on these considerations, the “Passive House” was launched in May 1988 by the author during a research period at the University of Lund/Sweden, together with the host, Professor Bo Adamson (specialising in building construction).

The additional costs in comparison with those of a conventional construction were offset by the Hessian Department of the Environment by 50%.

During construction in 1991, the house was equipped with highly precise data monitoring devices in order to check the achievement of the objectives.

The emphasis of these Passive House measures was on the conservation of heat: thermal protection and heat recovery are the decisive components.

It was quickly realised that energy optimisation for buildings should not be limited solely to heating energy; in fact, all household energy consumption had to be minimised.

Otherwise it would be possible to reduce the heating energy requirement to “zero” by using inefficient electrical devices, for example, which create high internal gains.

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