Sex chatting without java or flash player

First off all I should say that I don't have good knowledge in this area and I don't ask to give me a full solution of my problem, but I'm really hoping for any kind of your help (suggestions, useful recourses to read etc).Here is my case: What I want to do : I want to develop simple Java WEB application with video chat.The flashcards program supports intelligent learning. flashcards (former JFlash) is a program for learning with flash cards. The application works offline without the need of an internet connection and is compatible with Mini Pauker, a Pauker version for ... allows you to launch applications off your USB flash drive without having to worry about replacing drive letters anywhere.In the first case you should go with the programming language you’re most familiar with and which better integrates with your current site / database. In the second case, it doesn’t really matter, since there are a lot of scripts which you can buy and either use on your own server or run from the remote server of its developer.

And, honestly, the only time this will actually matter to you would be on the first install, when you’ll have to install the required plugin to be able to use the chat (Java or Flash Player respectively) – that if you don’t have it installed already, of course.

For support and faster interaction between Admins and members (and to flirt with female members also : D).

Support if you agree, if you don't you can miss some funny moments in your life...

And since the vast majority of the Windows users have the Flash Player plugin installed already (either because they needed it for another site or because they use Google Chrome, the most popular browser at the moment, which comes with a pre-installed version of Flash Player), it looks like Flash Chat rooms are your best pick.

The only case when I recommend a developer opting for Java Chat rooms is when an important part of his users are using Macs, since it’s a known fact that Flash and Macs are not best friends.

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