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In truth, only Joey’s closest friends and business associates know what he’s been up to for the last couple of years, but as he warmly greets Hammer at the door of the house he shares with girlfriend Amanda in Des Moines, it’s immediately apparent that today’s interview is much more than just an opportunity to herald the arrival of not one, but two new bands and Joey’s wholesale return to action.Instead, this is what he describes as “an opportunity to tell everyone what the fuck has been going on”.” Several times during our interview, Joey’s eyes fill with tears.

They will reduce the inflammation, and therefore you’re not curing it, you’re minimising the damage until it goes away by itself. Almost everyone gets some spontaneous recovery over time after transverse myelitis, but the body and mind ‘forget’ how to use muscles and nerves that are not working, so the purpose of neuro-physiotherapy is to ‘guide’ the recovery.” What is the long-term prognosis for someone with transverse myelitis?It’s a neurological condition that hits your spinal cord and it wiped my legs out completely. I played those last couple of shows and it scared the living shit out of me. Everyone thought I was fucked up, but it wasn’t the case. On August 21, 2012, he was admitted to Mercy West hospital in Des Moines, diagnosed with some form of leg paralysis but unaware of exactly how or why this was happening to him. I got struck with this fucking thing that I couldn’t control.Ten days later, he was transferred to the neurological unit at University Of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City, understandably terrified and extremely confused about his physical deterioration. The doctors said I might not be able to walk again.It can be high in the spinal cord affecting the arms, or you may struggle to breathe because the muscles in your lungs don’t work.It could be lower, affecting different sensory nerves.

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