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Women are attracted to men who feel like they are in abundance.Men who are in abundance don’t take much seriously when talking to women and are fun to talk to. He’s unstifled and completely himself, take it or leave it. Go up to any girl and tell her that you know what she wants and she will look at you dismissively.You would go into scarcity mindset and this would destroy your chances of not only overcoming your fear of talking to women but especially your chances of dating her. Because women are repulsed by men who live in this mindset.

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He reads too much into everything and takes everything very seriously because, to him, it is. Now for the real reality — the way it actually is out there.This is ultimately why I hate and love online dating. Andrew is an author, dating coach at Good Guys Get Girls, and speaker based in Orange County, California.Because it’s an overfilled cup of infinite options that, with the right perception, can lead to Mr. He works with men to help them overcome their sticking points and achieve their personal goals in dating.And all because I swiped a few hundred times and connected with a stranger on my pocket internet machine. Because of online dating, I am able to see the hundreds… You see, men feel approach anxiety because of a lot of different reasons and one of the biggest ones is that he feels like women probably doesn’t want to be bothered. “She probably has a boyfriend,” he thinks to himself.But you wanna know the biggest reason why I love online dating? But with the insane number of single girls online, it’s easy to get this mindset to flip — to get into an abundance mindset. If you went online and found only 2 women in your area that were single and actively looking, you would think that the dating world is scarce.

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