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In 2012, voters will make a decision that will have a profound effect on our country: who will lead America through the year 2016.

Women place a higher level of importance on the treatment of racial and ethnic minorities than men do (69% of women say this is very important, compared with 56% of men).Over the last nine presidential elections, however, women have consistently voted for Democratic presidential candidates at higher rates than men.Most recently, in 2012, there was a 10-percentage-point gender gap: 55% of women voted for Democrat Barack Obama over Republican Mitt Romney, compared with 45% of men.It remains to be seen whether the gender gap this fall will be on par with other recent elections, or whether men and women will be further apart in their preferences than in any of the last 11 presidential elections.The June Pew Research Center survey shows the gender gap in presidential candidate preference can be seen across demographic groups.

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