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take the moral high ground and just not use the bug when everyone else uses it against them and gets an advantage?

autism I remember back in the old CS: S days where germans where either a bunch of fucking cheaters or moviemakers - how their best player Dav1d from MTW was actually caught cheating and so on.

But being invisible is taking it too far if you ask me.

You are not exposed then you can invisibly crouch jump wingardio leviosa a high wall without being spotted or killed.

God knows how much they have used this bug in the qualifiers aswell.. Disgusting I never said either is something that should be legit in competitions.

But people clearly knew this exploit of the game would give yourself a free advantage, just as the olofboost on overpass.

Also against c9 i remember he got shut down most of the game untill the end and he barely went positive.

There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.

If legija is on fire is nex on fire too, if gob_b is on fire nex and legija sleep tabsen cant do shit alone . On the other side of the bracket g2 eliminates sk then navi eliminates g2 and #c9csgo beat navi to ez win PGL Major Round over - Winner: T (6-1) - Enemy eliminated tabse N killed shroud with awp tabse N killed n0thing with awp gob b planted the bomb (2on2) tabse N killed autimatic with awp tabse N killed Stewie2K with ak47 Stewie2K killed nex with m4a1 (headshot) Stewie2K killed keev with m4a1 (headshot) nex killed Skadoodle with ak47 (headshot) Skadoodle killed LEGIJA with awp Round started Tbh, i do see big playstyle charming, they play beautiful cs here.

keev is on fire only when his hool team is on fire so if u wanna Bi G to win u need to face so many difficulties ... They just not run and aim without plan, there always show good T site execution. I hate the fact that they abusing the bug, lets play good cs with more respect and i do belive that they still manage to win even without abusing the bug Gob would've been the goatest legend in CS: S if he's managing to pull some of these things out in GO.

This is a fucking major you can't bug abuse and disrespect the competition like.

Fuck you BIG i hope you go out soon and that you forever stay in your fucking slump of achieving nothing.

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