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Lightning Ridge is an important paleontological site, with fossils dating back to the Cretaceous period, 110 million years ago.The sandstone rock once formed the bottom of a shallow inland sea where the remains of aquatic plants and animals were preserved.Dunn was finally captured on Christmas Day, 1865 and hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol on 19 March 1866.There is a monument to Nelson outside the pub and just along the road.Lightning Ridge is a flourishing tourist town with numerous caravan (camper-trailer) and camping parks, the previously very rustic Diggers' Rest pub (which has burned down for the third time) and a well-appointed bowling club with its eight artificial-grass bowling greens.Temperatures in summer can reach into the high 40s Celsius, but below ground the temperature remains continually at around 22 degrees, year round The population is said to be highly variable as transient miners come and go over time.

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Collector's history is the history of the roads which passed through it.

Bushranger Hotel It is hard to imagine that there was a time when Collector had five inns. It was built in 1860 out of ironstone and named Kimberley's.

Its true moment of fame came five years later when, on 26 January 1865 the bushranger Ben Hall and his gang held up the publican.

At the time most of the police and able-bodied men in the town were out searching for Hall and his gang.

They arrived and made so much noise (they fired on a horseman who was passing by) that they attracted the attention of the town's constable, the 38-year-old Samuel Nelson, a father of eight, who put on his uniform and went up the street to investigate.

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