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The scary, mysterious part of the internet where criminals reign anonymously and money moves around without a trace.

"That's where our new CSIs are going to be looking for criminals," says Jerry Bruckheimer, executive producer of The series stars Patricia Arquette as the FBI's cyber chief, and it's said that she'll be solving "high-octane crimes that start in the mind, live online, and play out in the real world." That'll involve her throwing out lingo like "chat-bot," "machine learning," and "artificial intelligence" and confusing those around her while she tracks down criminals that only she seems to understand.

Rise of the Chatbots: Here's How Singapore's Big Banks are Adopting Fintech We’ve really got to hand it to the folks at Kassisto, bringing chatbots to the Financial Services world.

Will be interesting to see how they tackle regulatory hurdles to expand outside of Asia.

And of course, Facebook's Web Widget (in closed beta for now).

If you have a doll, and he or she isn't in the Doll Matrix yet, then click here: Doll Matrix Submission.

Pretty powerful to see how scaling 1:1 communication via messaging channels can impact people’s lives.

With the latter use case, making resources more accessible seems simple, but makes such a huge difference *now, buying time while legislature catches up.

Missbeez Bets on AI to Bring Beauty Therapists to Your Home We love this article about how Israeli “Uber for Beauty” startup is deploying AI and specifically chatbots.

It’s a *~beautiful~* example of how chatbots, and AI, can and should be applied to a business to make it better.

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