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Reference: https:// The New Tree The new C-P39 tree at Family Tree DNA is shown, below, including all the new SNPs below P39, a grand total of eight new branches on the C-P39 tree.It’s just so beautiful to see this in black and white – well, green, black and white.If you have tested elsewhere, you can download your results to Family Tree DNA for free.For additional information about DNA testing for Native American heritage, please read Proving Native American Ancestry Using DNA.As a result, Marie provides the following press release: April 29, 2017: Based on a recent “Big Y” DNA novel variant submission from the C-P39 Y DNA project, the Y Tree has been updated by Family Tree DNA scientists.

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I am extremely pleased to provide an update on the Haplogroup C-P39 Native American Y DNA project.I used to have a friend who loved his cats, but he didn’t like it when they slept between he and his wife because they would pull the covers off of both of them.Now the cats were perfectly happy down in their nice toasty quilt-lined valley between the humans…the humans weren’t so happy.Of the two, haplogroup Q is much more prevalent, while haplogroup C is rare.Only some branches of both haplogroup Q and haplogroup C are Native American, with other branches of both haplogroups being Asian and European.

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