Click once not updating

Keep this between us, but you actually can install a new font. In order to do this, you have to make your new font a pre-requisite of the Click Once app you are installing, and create a bootstrapper for it.

You can do this by creating a setup project in Visual Studio that only adds your font, and then run the Bootstrapper Manifest Generator found in the MSDN Code Gallery, here:

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Click Once forces you to put both in the same URL, which is limiting when it comes to reorganisation, and also it can mean you have to put the metadata on the CDN too, and CDNs don't often like files that update in-place. ** None of these are deal-breakers in their own right, but combined with everything else they’re worth mentioning: * You can’t choose where to install the product - Click Once chooses an esoteric location for you * Click Once’s reliance on the logged in user means you can’t install once for everyone on a PC, or distribute a bulk install as admin * No offline installer - while you can zip up the deployment it didn’t work for everyone So, all these things have been building up , tempered with workarounds but nevertheless a constant thorn in our side.He blogs at Geeks With Blogs (.net) and also manages the Mono Game Indie Devs technical community on Facebook.Click Once is a powerful and easy-to-use deployment technology that offers a relatively hassle-free experience for the end user when properly configured.Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it turns out that Click Once has a number of problems which only really show up when you use it at scale, by which time it’s a bit too late and you can find yourself with a lot of support requests.Here are some of the issues: ** Click Once puts all of its files in a folder per version and just tacks ‘.deploy’ onto the end of each.

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