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And Girlguiding chief executive Julie Bentley defended the rule changes, saying that the organisation was simply complying with UK equality laws that state people should be treated ‘according to their acquired gender’.

The move comes after the Government’s July announcement to allow adults to legally change their sex without a medical diagnosis.

General Synod member Alison Ruoff said: ‘I was a Guide leader and if we had a day-long hike and we were eating, we would always have grace.‘The idea of dropping it is an absolute nonsense, absolutely appalling.‘The Guides are being very foolish in trying to whitewash Christianity, and they must not.’Girlguiding, formerly the Girl Guides Association, said ‘it may be traditional’ to say or sing grace – the prayers that Christians use to thank God for food and drink – but added: ‘Consider how this might make members who are from a different faith – or have no faith – feel.’It suggested that leaders who wanted to say something before a community meal should ‘try to think of a statement that doesn’t make reference to any particular god or faith’.

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Official advice on the organisation’s website also said that the singing of songs with ‘faith-based lyrics’ around the camp fire should be banned.

If you give your teenage girl love, understanding, and a reasonable dose of discipline, then your relationship will grow even stronger and more fulfilling.

If you want to know how to raise a teenage girl, see Step 1 to get started.

The cute and talkative preteen you once knew and loved may have morphed into a creature who is filled with complicated emotions, wanting to distance herself and to constantly challenge your authority.

But don't worry -- many parents have raised healthy, independent teenage girls and have lived to tell the tale.

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